Plan for making a lot of money by sharing files online

I think everybody knows by now that people can make money online. But many did not know that :

  1. The amount of money that can be earned is quite significant.
  2. It is not easy money because to earn money you must :
  • Have a decent Plan
  • Work Hard

This article can help by providing you with a decent plan, but you must work hard to earn the money. We structure the Plan with a simple 5W+1H (What,Why,Who,Where,When,How)


So we are working on a plan for making a lot of money by sharing files online. What are the options? There are many paid to upload provider but the one that can give you significant money is Sharecash . Look at the comparison :

  • Hotfile : Up to 15US$ per 1000 download
  • Deposit Files : Up to 20US$ per 1000 download
  • File Factory : Up to 15US$ per 1000 download
  • Sharecash : Up to 800US$ per 1000 download (USA, Canada and UK downloads generate more money than any other countries)

So how can Sharecash give away a lot of money? Before someone can download at Sharecash they must complete a quick survey provided by Sharecash sponsors. So the sponsors pay Sharecash for the surveys and Sharecash pays us for sharing the files onlines.


Obviously there are a lot of opportunity for making a lot of money with Sharecash. There are currently 360 millions internet users worldwide ( that is your prospect downloaders. Suppose if you have 100 downloads per day or 3000 downloads per month, you can earn up to US$2400 per month! That is a lot of extra money that you can spend on anything you like. But you might ask why people want to download your files? That is a good question because people do not download any files in the internet.

These are the reasons why people will download your file :

  • It is Unique or rare
  • It is Interesting/Enjoyable to see/hear/read or Usefull

Many people failed to make money with Sharecash because they do not consider these 2 reasons why people will download file. Usually what come in people minds is to share pirated / warez (software, game, ebook, comic, movie, mp3) and porn files. I personally warn you not to do that for a lot of reasons :

  • It is probably not unique because you must have download it somewhere in the internet. Because it is not unique then people will just find some other place to download the file instead of using Sharecash which require them to complete a quick survey.
  • It is illegal/against the law to do that.
  • Sharecash will delete the files if they found out that it is illegal

But I assure you that if you can share files that is unique/rare and interesting/enjoyable to see/hear/read or usefull then people will download your files and you will make a lot of money.


So who can make a lot of money with Sharecash? Anybody can make a lot of money with Sharecash whether he/she is a housewife, programmer, carpenter, electrician or even a gamer.

There are 2 ways to make a worthy file to download:

  • Create the file yourself
  • Compile a lot of resources into the file

So here are a few ideas :

  • A housewife : Can make/compile tutorial,tips and tricks file/video about cooking and cleaning related stuffs.
  • A Programmer : Can make/compile tutorial,tips and tricks file/video about programming related stuffs.
  • An Electrician : Can make/compile tutorial,tips and tricks file/video about electrical related stuffs.
  • A Carpenter : Can make/compile tutorial,tips and tricks file/video about wood making related stuffs.
  • A Gamer : Can make/compile Cheat, FAQ, Walkthrough, save game, mod, and other game related stuffs.
  • Anyone can compile any interesting stuff into a file and share it on the internet. Be creative!

The idea is that everybody is an expert ( with experience, knowledge and skill) in their own field so everybody can share their expertise in a file/video.


The obvious questions after you have make/compile a file/video to share on the internet is where to promote your files. You should not promote your files directly, you should store your links in your blogs and then you promote your blogs. You should create at least two blogs at and WordPress is quite popular and all of your posts will be shared on the wordpress news. Blogspot is owned by Google so it is integrated with Google search engine. After creating your blogs you should promote your blogs. There are several options for you to do that:


It is important to know that usually people use the internet at these hours :

  • At the Office before starting to work around 08:00 AM – 09:00 AM
  • At the Office before going home around 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM
  • At Home from 08:00 PM – 11:00 PM

You must know your targeted audience because Sharecash pays more on USA, Canada and UK it is logical to post/promote your files at the correct local time. For example if you are posting/promoting your file at 14.20 (Jakarta, Indonesia) than people at New York,USA will still be sleeping at 03.20 in the morning. You should post/promote at the appropriate time in your target location (for example New York, USA 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM). You can use this web site for time conversion.


  • Create a gmail email at For each blog you create you should create 1 gmail email. And in each of your gmail email you should forward all the emails to your primary email.
  • Create a paypal account at
  • Register at Sharecash
  • Create or Compile your file
    • Steps
      • Identify your expertise (experience / knowledge / skills). If you think you do not have any expertise, think harder, think and think again. In my opinion at least you must have some knowledge in movies, musics and games.
      • After you identify you expertise choose your main topic or specialization in the expertise. But always remember that the specialization that your choose should consider :
        • Your range of targeted audience : You should choose a wide range of targeted audience because it will affect the number of people that will downloads your file
        • Your level of expertise in the specialization topic : You should be confident that you are good enough to create an interesting/usefull files that people will download .
      • Example of Specialization :
        • Movies specialization in War Movies
        • Musics specialization in Jazz
        • Games specialization in First Person Shooter Games
      • You are now ready to create your files. If you run out of ideas to create a new file then just compile other people’s articles (don’t forget to mention the source of the article) in one file
      • Some Ideas :
        • Compile a list of Song lyrics
        • Compile a list of windows,word,excel,powerpoint,outlook shortcuts,tips and tricks
        • Compile a list of Game Cheats
        • Be Creative!
      • Some tools that can be usefull:
  • Upload your file at sharecash :
  • Use mirror for your uploaded file. People tend to think negative of sharecash so you should masked your link, you can do this with sharecash mirror feature.
  • Create a Blog
  • Promote yourself and your blog

DOs and DONTs DOs

  • Create a blog to store your sharecash links
  • Create Sharecash mirror for each of your link
  • Promote your self and your blog by writing or posting articles in mailing lists, internet forums, and social networking sites. Remember to you should choose a mailing list, internet forums and social networking sites that matched your topic


  • Do not promote your sharecash links directly instead promote your self and your blog.
  • Do not share pirated/warez/porn materials.
  • Do not spam

You can download a printer friendly pdf format of this article here . I store the file in sharecash with masked mirror. I think you should try to download the file to get the feeling of people downloading your files in the future.